We are among the local bourse’s top ranked brokers, backed by a research group composed of analysts with combined experience in equity securities of more than three decades. The group covers the mid-to-large-capitalization stocks but is also known for their keen eye in spotting small companies with sound fundamentals and large growth potentials. WSI was adjudged by Euro Money as the “Best Domestic Securities House in the Philippines for the Year 2000”.

Wealth Securities Online is the online stock trading of Wealth Securities, Inc. (WSI), a leading member-firm of the Philippine Stock Exchange. WSI was incorporated in 1986 and has consistently ranked among the top local brokers in terms of value turnover.

Wealth Securities Inc. 15/F PSE Tower, 5th Avenue  cor 28th Street, BGC, Taguig.

Online stock trading is the buying and/or selling of stocks through the Internet. It is in contrast to the usual method of placing orders through telephone to a broker`s trader in the trading floor.

Advantages: You can place orders on the computer, anytime, anywhere without having to call your stockbroker. With online trading, you can have immediate access to updated market information, corporate news and insights, and technical / fundamental outlooks that will enable you to quickly take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Disadvantage: A concern in online trading is the need for you to always keep your username and password confidential.


  1. Click ‘Forgot?’ under username or password field on the upper right-hand corner of the page then fill up the required field.
  2. The result will be sent automatically to your e-mail address. (Note: For password request, a system-generated password will be sent to your e-mail address, instead of the old password. You may change the password for security reasons and easy recollection.)
  1. Click ‘My Account’ on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Enter your old password, your new password and confirm new password by entering it again.
  3. Click ‘Update Password’ when you’re done.

Yes, just log-in to your account and click ‘My Account’ on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Change the current e-mail address to the desired one and click ‘Update Profile’.


The trading hours are from 9:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M. (GMT + 08:00), Monday to Friday, except on legal holidays.

The schedule follows: Pre-Open 09:00 A.M. Market Open 09:30 A.M. Market Recess 12:00 A.M. Market Resumes 01:30 P.M. Pre-Close 03:17 P.M. Run-off / Trading-at-last 03:20 P.M. Market Close 03:30 P.M.

Asia United Bank

Account No.: 533-01-972055-5

PSE Tower, BGC Branch

Taguig City

Banco de Oro

Account No.: 003430012494

Tektite Branch Office

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account No.: 4013-0417-39

Tektite Branch Office

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

East West Bank

Account No.: 200001618268

Tektite Branch Office

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

Account No.: 035-7-03553153-6

Ortigas Branch

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

RCBC Commercial Bank

Account No.: 1-253-02986-9

Tektite Branch Office

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Union Bank

Account No.: 006030001000

ADB Ave., Ortigas Center,

Pasig City

Security Bank

Account No.: 0000023736003

Fort Bonifacio Net Cube Branch

Taguig City

Depending on the account you have chosen, the maintaining balance of the account is the minimum deposit of P10,000.00 (Wealth Regular)/ P100,000 (Wealth Premier).

No withdrawals of cash should be made to decrease the balance. However, if by reason of purchases from the minimum deposit, the market value of the stock is less than P10,000.00 (Wealth Regular)/ P100,000 (Wealth Premier) and no withdrawals of cash there from has been made, the required maintaining balance is still complied with. Failure to maintain the balance will prompt us to prevent access to your account.

  1. You can view the price of every stock by going to the ‘QUOTES’ tab and select either ‘MAIN QUOTE’ or ‘STOCK INFO’.
  2. Under ‘MAIN QUOTES’, you may choose ‘MULTIPLE BID’, ‘BID AND ASK’ and ‘HIGH-LOWLAST’ for stock quotations.
  3. In ‘MULTIPLE BID’, there is a 5-tiered page where you can view six (6) stocks at the same time.
  4. Under ‘STOCK INFO’, you can view only one (1) stock, but it displays five (5) levels of bid and ask postings and last 10 matched transactions. Using the ‘EXTEND ON’ function, an extended ‘WATCHLIST’ will appear. Stocks that you want to keep track of can be encoded here and you have a glimpse of their last price and percent change in price.

Stock quotations under ‘MULTIPLE BID’ and ‘STOCK INFO’ section automatically reflects the changes in price and volume for both bid and ask posting while for the other sections, you need to click the ‘REFRESH’ button to get the latest quotation.

There are five (5) levels displayed per security under the ‘BID AND ASK’ section and three (3) levels under the ‘MULTIPLE BID’ section.

Yes, it does, but it is only displayed during market hours, i.e. 9:00AM to 3:30PM every trading day. The ticker will only flow once a matched trade has been reflected at 9:30AM.

The ticker will be activated by clicking the ‘TICKER ON’ once you log-on to your account during market hours, i.e. 9:00AM to 3:30PM every trading day.

You have probably logged-in during offline trading hours.

  1. Please go to the homepage again and click the ‘TICKER ON’ button, or you may click other sections on the website and click the ‘TICKER ON’ button.
  2. If this still doesn’t work, you need to logout and re-login and click ‘TICKER ON’ again. Our website requires JAVA software to view the ticker tape. Please install Java on your computer to view the ticker.

Yes, the time and sales data are reflected up to the last ten (10) matched transactions in real time indicating its corresponding buyer and seller.

Yes, the charts of every stock code can be seen under the ‘CHARTS’ section.

  1. Select either ‘STATIC’ or ‘DYNAMIC’ Chart, and enter the stock code.
  2. Select ‘DYNAMIC’ for charting tools (It is a JAVA-based charting tool that allows the user to plot lines and applies some common technical studies.)

Yes, the site displays the top ten (10) buyers and sellers. However, the information is not updated in real time. The user must click the ‘REFRESH’ button to get the latest information.

Yes, it is available. Under the ‘QUOTES’ tab, select the ‘MARKET STATS’. It displays thirty (30) stock codes for each option.

Yes, it is available. It is located in our homepage once logged-in.


Odd Lot

Any amount of shares not wholly divisible by a minimum board lot is considered an Odd lot. Odd lots are traded at an Odd Lot board which are usually illiquidly traded and often at a discount to the stocks market price. Currently, odd-lot shares are broker-assisted.

  • For BUY transactions:

PSE Fee 0.005% of the gross amount Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP) Fee 0.010% of the gross amount Broker’s Commission 0.250% of the gross amount of purchases Value Added Tax (VAT) 12% of the broker’s commission

  • For SELL transactions:

Sales Transaction tax/Final Withholding Tax 0.600% of the gross selling price PSE Fee 0.005% of the gross amount Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP) Fee 0.010% of the gross amount Broker’s Commission 0.250% of the gross selling price Value Added Tax (VAT) 12% of the broker’s commission

Orders can be viewed in ‘VIEW ORDERS’ under ‘TRADING’ tab or ‘QUICKTRADE’ section. This page shows the orders and its respective status and details. Unfulfilled or Unmatched DAY orders are automatically removed at the close of Trading hours.

Yes, these are already reflected in your portfolio for the day and are ready for sale.

Yes, provided that the total amount of your cash position is sufficient to buy stocks. Proceeds of sale are automatically reflected in your cash position.

Yes, it is reflected in ‘SHS AVAILABLE’, ‘UNREALIZED P/L’ and ‘STOCK ALLOCATION’ under ‘VIEW PORTFOLIO’ on the ‘TRADING’ tab or ‘QUICKTRADE’ section. Cash position is deducted by the total amount of the buy order.

Orders can be rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. Your cash positions are insufficient to process a buy and sell order, respectively. Your stock positions are insufficient to process a buy and sell order, respectively. The stock may be suspended.
  2. You probably placed your order during Market Recess (12:00PM to 01:29 PM). The price or lot size is not within the allowed fluctuations.
  1. Your orders can be cancelled as long as they have not yet been matched.
  2. If the order has been partially filled, you can only cancel or edit the unfilled portion.
  3. Editing an order can only be done during trading hours, i.e. 9:30AM–12:00PM and 01:30PM to 3:30PM. During the Market Posting (Pre-Open and Pre-Close) periods, no orders can be cancelled.
  4. You can cancel or edit your orders through ‘VIEW ORDERS’ under ‘TRADING’ tab or thru ‘QUICKTRADE’ section. Click on the radio button corresponding to the order you want to cancel or edit then click ‘CANCEL ORDER’ or ‘EDIT ORDER. You will then be asked for your password to confirm your request then click ‘CANCEL’ or ‘EDIT’.

We accept DAY, GTW and GTM orders. DAY. Any order to buy or sell a security that automatically expires if not executed on the day the order is placed.

  • GTW (Good-Till-Week). A market order that is only valid for 7 days of its placement.
  • GTM (Good-Till- Month). A market order that is valid for 29 days of its placement.
  • O – Open, these are orders that have been posted in the market and have no match.
  • PF – Partially Filled, these are orders that are partially matched.
  • F – Filled, these are posted orders that are fully matched and done.
  • X – Rejected, these are posted orders but are rejected by the exchange, system, or broker.
  • C – Cancelled, these are posted orders but eventually cancelled.
  • FA – For Approval, these are orders that are pending for broker’s approval.
  • PRC – Processing, these are orders that are currently being processed by the system.
  • Q – Queued, these are orders that are posted during off-market hours.

Yes, you can place orders after trading hours from 3:31PM of the current trading day until 8:59AM of the following trading day. Orders are queued on a first-in first-out basis. Queued orders are re-evaluated against the user’s position before posting. Once properly evaluated, queued orders are automatically posted when the market opens. You can no longer cancel/edit these orders during Market Pre-Open period until the Market opens at 9:30AM.

Yes, you can cancel your off-hours order. We have no option on editing/modifying these orders. You need to cancel them first and place a new order.

Trade confirmation is reflected in ‘VIEW TRADES’ under ‘TRADING’ tab or ‘QUICKTRADE’ section.

Yes, in a rare event where you cannot access our website you may call one of our traders on the floor to place your order. You must provide them your account number instead of your username.

You can deposit additional cash with the same procedure used for your initial deposit. Please provide us a copy of your deposit thru fax (8250-8770) or by e-mail ( indicating your name and your online account code with us.

You can send a letter informing us of your intention to withdraw funds stating therein the bank, its’ location, account name, account number, and the amount if it is for deposit. Send the letter to us through fax or e-mail. Proceeds from sale of securities may be withdrawn after three (3) days from transaction date. You also have the option to pick-up your check personally or you may issue a letter of instruction, authorizing your representative (stating his/her name with specimen signature) to receive the check in your behalf.